Unfortunately after contracting laryngitis 4 months ago my voice has never fully  recovered, although when meeting mark I was at first sceptical of the healing Benefits of  Reiki, a short introductory session most certainly proved subtle improvement in my  capability of talking, within 3 days my voice noticeably returned to an audible level, an  improvement that had not been made through taking various antibiotics and breathing  treatments various doctors had prescribed me.

 I hopefully shall be returning to Mark for another session of Reiki to see if his  incredible ability to heal can help return the full strength if my voice.

 I would  love to come back for another session any time you can fit me in, as sadly after  becoming  a little bit too excited that my voice had permanently returned I indulged in  alcohol at  the weekend and had reduced it back to a barely audible rasp. If I am  fortunate enough to  have another session I will definitely not be drinking again as sadly  I can't seem to have  both my voice and be able to drink.

 All the best with your busy week x"

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 "Subject: RE: Testimonial

 I have not known Mark for years but feel I do. He is trustworthy and easy to talk to and  confide in. There is nothing I can't tell him and he is non-judgemental and always willing  to listen and part with words of advice. I feel comfortable and safe around him and know  that with him in my life nothing bad will ever happen to me. =)

 Having treatment with Mark is a blessing. You can literally feel the energy moving around  your body and a sense of peace and relaxation prevails. His hands and the energy that  exudes from them are magical and the effects of his treatment are felt instantly and for a  long time after. It is like disappearing from Earth for a while and coming back with a new  soul."   

 "Hi Mark

 It was nice to see you on Saturday. Since I came from your place I haven't taken ONE  single pill yet. Not even the anti depressent!! I am not totally ok yet, getting a surge  of pain in my head time to time, but it is not continuous as it was before and I am  manging it without any pills. The combination of your crystal, healing current and  Chilling CD therapy seems worked like a magic on me! I am so glad that I went to visit you  that day. If I knew visiting you would cure me from that horrible pain  just like that I  would have done that earlier...hahaha! 
 And I consider myself so lucky to have met you and be a client! I don't have enough words  to thank you for being so kind.

 It is very touching. People like you and your friends makes the world a better place.
 Lots of love,"




"Thanks mark I feel amazing! Really appreciate you helping me :) enjoy the rest of your  weekend will look at the email tonight xx"